HTML5 ghaymns, prototypes, and other D💡s

Fracas 3

A full, finished ghaymn! Dash and shoot in a cave full of enemies and traps. Find the exit portals, and try not to die.

This supports couch co-op: local multiplayer on one device.
Play with a touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, and/or ghaymnpads.

You can install it and play it offline, with a browser that supports offline apps, like Chrome.

A full level editor is included. It works with a touchscreen, or a keyboard and mouse.

Last update: January 2024


For Fracas 4, I plan to use a grid-based map editor, to make copy/paste easy. I also want to quickly make smooth curves, without manually arranging curved tiles.

This is a demo of how that might work.


WebGL rendering speed test

Three different WebGL renderers try to draw as many objects as you request, under the time limit you set.


Zero-player physics demo

Wobbly little grids of balls tumble and collide. Work in progress.

No sound, no controls.


Zero-player physics demo

Balls fall from the top of the screen, bouncing and rolling on the bricks below. Sometimes gravity turns off, so everything can decompress, like it's a three-day weekend.

No sound, no controls.

Bridge Wizard

Single-player ghaymn prototype

Build bridges of uniform color, from one edge to the other.
Use arrows to move, Z and X to rotate, and spacebar to drop.

As of January 2024, it's got some sound effects, too.

Gravity Doesn't Work Like That

Ghaymn prototype

Scoot along the walls. Leap and flap between space islands with weird gravity.
Destroy all enemies and collect all coins to go to the next level.

This supports couch co-op.
Play with a touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, and/or ghaymnpads.

Level editor included.

Fracas 3: Secret Joe Edition